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Мелодии 70-х, 80-х.

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Chris Norman

Альбомов: 6
Качество: 160 kbps
01-Some Hearts are Diamonds (1986)
01-Some Hearts Are Diamonds.mp3
02-Hunters Of The Night.mp3
03-Chain Reaction.mp3
04-It's A Tragedy.mp3
05-No Arms Can Ever Hold You.mp3
06-Midnight Lady.mp3
07-Love For Sale.mp3
08-Love Is ....mp3
09-Stop At Nothing.mp3
10-Til The Night We'll Meet Again.mp3
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02-Different Shades (1987)
02-Hands Tied.mp3
03-Wheels Of Fire.mp3
04-For The Good Years.mp3
05-She Said She Was A Lucky Girl.mp3
06-Woman In Love.mp3
07-A Bridge At Midnight.mp3
08-Ordinary Heart.mp3
09-Hearts Livin' On Emotion.mp3
10-Here Comes The Night.mp3
11-Never Make My Angel Cry.mp3
12-Wings Of Love.mp3
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03-Interchange (1991)
01-The Interchange.mp3
02-Wich's Promise.mp3
03-Hold On.mp3
04-Jenny Lee.mp3
05-Stay With Me Tonight.mp3
06-A Beautiful World.mp3
07-Mistral Moonlight.mp3
08-If You Need My Love Tonight.mp3
09-Shallow Waters.mp3
10-Lucy Brown.mp3
11-Closer Josie.mp3
13-Lost Inside A Dread.mp3
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04-The Album (1994)
01-As Good As It Gets.mp3
02-Every Little Thing.mp3
03-Red Hot Screaming Love.mp3
04-Still In Love With You.mp3
05-Jealous Heart.mp3
06-Stupid Girl.mp3
07-Ruby Lips.mp3
08-Love Is A Burning Flame.mp3
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05-Reflections (1995)
01-Reflections Of My Life.mp3
02-Under Your Spell.mp3
04-Cryin' Time.mp3
05-Long Way From Home.mp3
06-Independent Girl.mp3
07-All Aboard For America.mp3
08-If I Get Lucky.mp3
09-Miss You.mp3
10-Maybe Tomorrow.mp3
11-Don't Fence Me In.mp3
12-One Night Stand.mp3
13-Lost In Flight.mp3
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06-Into the Night (1997)
01-Into the night.mp3
02-Running scared.mp3
03-Baby I miss you.mp3
04-For you.mp3
05-Dangerous heart.mp3
06-Stay one more night.mp3
07-Baby don't change.mp3
08-Follow me.mp3
09-I'll be there.mp3
10-Love is a bridge between two hearts.mp3
11-I cry a lot more now.mp3
12-Tomorrow's another day.mp3
13-Send a sign to my heart.mp3
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